Outdoor Cat Houses

These Insulated Wood Cat Houses are PAWS-ITIVELY PURR-FECT! Your kitty cat is a treasured member of the family, so make sure your cat is safe with a custom-crafted cedar wood cat apartment, duplex, or kitty condo. Savvy pet owners trust CedarWoodCatHouses.com to keep their feline out of harm’s way. Your cat could be susceptible to weather elements or fierce critters who prey on domesticated animals, so why not keep your cat protected for your own peace of mind? Your cat will love the handcrafted Outdoor Cat House. It’s comfortable for daylong “catnaps” with fully insulated interior and leak-proof resistance to rain or snow. If your cat gets locked outside for the evening or misses you while you’re at work, rest assured of his safety and comfort. Recommended with an optional Pet Air Conditioner and Heater component for cool air in the summer and cozy warmth during those chilly months. Four paws of satisfaction guaranteed!